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Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce, 139b Bonnington Road

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As well as being the leading provider of Gaelic early years and after-school club provision at Òganan we run holiday clubs throughout the year and offer a range of different opportunities and activities at each one.

Our holiday clubs are available to all children aged 3–12 years.

The holiday clubs are carefully balanced to keep the children thoroughly entertained throughout the day. Not only do they try lots of new sports and active games, they learn new skills and lave a lot of fun! With plenty of collaborative games, it’s a great way to develop their teamwork and communication skills.

The more we can assist the children in developing their language skills the more it will benefit them throughout life’s journey.

Our holiday clubs give parents the comfort that their children are having fun in a nurturing and caring environment and the satisfaction that they are uniquely developing their language skills. Encountering and employing Gaelic in a range of settings, is important educationally and in bolstering the self-esteem of our young Gaelic speakers.

Edinburgh Holidays

Our programmes

Our venues are chosen for their facilities and the Òganan staff plan sessions to make the most of the time and space available. Our holiday club programmes are created in collaboration with the children and based on their likes and interests.

We offer:

Half day sessions

Daily sessions

Weekly sessions

We run:

February Holiday Club

Easter Holiday Club

Summer Holiday Club

October Holiday Club

Here’s a selection of what you can expect from an Òganan Holiday Club!

Booking is easy

All holiday clubs are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis and Òganan will send out a communication when booking opens for each holiday club.

The communication will be sent to all families currently registered in the setting. Once booking is available, requests should be made to oifis@oganan.com

To register at Òganan please click the link below.

IMPORTANT: Please note that booking can only be cancelled with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.

We’re passionate about getting children active, having fun and learning together.

What to bring

You will need:

• A packed lunch, we will provide snacks!

• A refillable water bottle is ideal; however, we will have water available to the children throughout the day

• Clothing suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

• A raincoat for break-time and free play. We will encourage children to utilise the space outdoors even if it’s grey and overcast

• Hand sanitiser if you have it. We will ask every child to wash their hands as they enter and leave the building each day (as well as key points throughout the day)

• Suncream (if weather appropriate!)

You won’t need:

• Mobile phone – must not be brought to or used at Òganan. Where necessary, they should be kept in bags until the end of the day

• Sports equipment, games or toys – we’ve got plenty!

• Valuables such as expensive watches and non-essential jewellery

Edinburgh Holidays
Edinburgh Holidays
Edinburgh Holidays